All About the Beets

Edward Jimenez
I wish we would make Beet.coin because beets are instant investment in body and mind. The Nitric oxide benefits from the bodies reaction to Nitrates present in both the greens and the red bulbs we all know, allow your vascular muscle cells to relax. This provides greater vasodilation, providing cells with more detoxification benefits and via greater oxygen concentration.This chemical reaction helps with everything from blood pressure to sports performance ;). According to the CDC, nearly half of all adults suffer from hypertension. 45% for you sticklers like myself.
Please do not throw out the nutrient dense green tops. Full of all the suns magic, the greens are significantly higher in vitamin k, a, c, k and probably LMNOP whenever we find that. :)
They also have just about your entire daily amount of chlorophyll. Some of you Adam Sandler fans may remember this as Borophyll but actually this amazing plant pigment is the opposite of boring to the quality of your blood. Overall, the bulb part of the beet gives a little more in the macro arena. They may not be as nutrient dense but they are also super-packed with prebiotic goodness and tons of nutrients.
My Personal Story: I drank one-16oz beet juice for 5 days and the next week I felt like the Hulk. Since then, it has been my pre-workout replacement along with a few other superfoods, coming soon.
I almost forgot...or should I say.... EYE almost forgot to mention that Beets are rich in Beta carotene. Higher carotene levels are inversely related to metabolic syndrome, chronic disease and other causes of mortality.
P.S. They make your pee red. Don’t freak out!