Wellness Shot Bundle (3pack)

Happy Moose Juice


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Everything Happy: Life is short — have it all! Try each of our recipes to find the right flavor for you. This sample pack includes one of each flavor (Hawaiian Healer, Feel Mo Betta, and Belly Boost)

Hawaiian Healer: This wellness shot is chock-full of the earth’s best offerings. 🌎

Each bottle is packed with nutrient-rich Hawaiian-grown turmeric that delivers a vitality infusion to your bones and joints. We add black pepper to activate the turmeric so it can be easily absorbed in the body.

We blend in sweet island pineapple to help aid digestion and bring a ‘lil aloha to your day. 💃

Feel Mo Betta: Our most popular wellness shot is a wide-eyed 👀 wake-up call for the senses. It gets ya goin’ with a bright lemony-pineapple punch, followed by a heatwave of extra ginger and cayenne.

Whether you nurse it slow or shoot it down, this is your go-to wingman - ready to dropkick any ailment life throws at you. Careful, this one bites back! 😬

Belly Boost: Superfoods, elderberries, pomegranates, and beets are loaded with antioxidant-rich juices and heart-loving vitamins.

We add pressed lemon to deliver a happy dose of Vitamin C and a kick of ginger to work wonders for your digestive tract.

We supercharge the whole thing with over 1 billion live probiotics (healthy bacteria) and then ensure they stay thriving with prebiotic inulin powder. It’s literally liquid life for your stomach and organs so don’t be embarrassed to lick the inside of that bottle! 👅