This popular fruit is named after a Bird!

This popular fruit is named after a Bird!

Edward Jimenez

The Kiwi!

In 1962, farmers in New Zealand began calling the fruit "kiwi" because of the resemblance of the fruit to the kiwi bird, which has a round body with brown feathers. The name "kiwi" began to be used for export marketing and eventually the name was adopted commercially in 1974.


We have some great local and seasonal produce for your weekend. We grabbed delicious vitamin C rich golden kiwis which have a less tangy more tropical sweet flavor. California Mangos are in which are delicious and only available for limited time. Pear season is here so we also grabbed the starkrimsons which have a mild sweet pear with floral aromas.

We have a lot of amazing veggies for you. Peppers and tomatoes are great this time of year! September is national mushroom month so we had to grab some to go with our delicious roasted fingerlings. The cabbage is also delicious, we are looking to grill some cabbage steaks with it!

There are a lot of cool things coming to season. Please let us know what you would like to see in our packs!

We appreciate you!

Ed & Nicole