Don't FOOL your employees FUEL your employees!!

Don't FOOL your employees FUEL your employees!!

Nicole Jimenez

We are currently in a transition phase. After being locked down for so long. Companies are now bringing employees back into the office. People are worked to the brim and a lot of them just don't have time to make healthy choices. Let alone go to the grocery store, prep and cook. Then do all the clean up. 

Why not give them healthy options during the day to keep them fueled for whats to come? Hedge the energy crash and mood swings from poor health choices and actually give them something that fuels them. The return on investment of not only showing your employees, students or customers that they are more than just tools and their wellness is important to you as well. 

We love food! Let us revitalize the break room and showcase the best local, in-season produce available and do it at value. Of course we can customize but we are able to get the best deals at peak season on some of the best produce in the world! 

Let us know how help Freshen up your break room! 

p.s. Some insurance companies will discount premiums for wellness programs. 

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