Organic shishito pepper

Blistered Shishito Peppers

Nicole Jimenez


These amazing peppers earned their name from Shishi, the Japanese word for lion! They were originally brought to East Asia by the Portuguese in the 1500s. Shishitos are bright, flavorful sweet chilies with typically a mild spiciness (50 to 200 Scoville heat units.) on the Scoville scale. Approximately, 1 out of 10 peppers are hotter than the others and this has to do with the peppers growing conditions: the variety of seed, how late in the season it was harvested, water and soil fertility. 

Nutritionally, Shishito peppers have a high amount of vitamin C, B6, A and E. Which is why they are good for your skin, immune system and eyesight. They are rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals that damage your cells.

Shishitos are usually available year round but their peak season is summer to early fall! Head to your local farmers market, grocery store or contact us and give them a try!


These Shishitos were ground by Oya Organics in Hollister, Ca. Here is a little about this amazing farm from their website.

"As first and second generation immigrants, we bring knowledge from our family’s farming backgrounds and apply them to this soil, where we are the first in our families to own a farm in this country.
Our fields in Hollister, CA are a tapestry of color and texture - with over 50 different crops growing at a given time. This intentional biodiversity provides habitat for native insects and wildlife, and allows microorganisms in the soil to flourish - making for nutrient rich & flavorful produce.
By building healthy soil we also can further concentrate flavor with dry farming some crops and reducing our water usage overall. We see our organic certification with CCOF as a starting point not a marketing tool. Our commitment to environmental stewardship goes beyond what is required of us as we work to nurture and enhance ecological equilibrium."


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